Seldom has a player brought so much merit in just 5 minutes of a game. Russell Westbrook has disguised himself as a historic hero in those 5 minutes and the big hit has been Denver Nuggets, who has lost a game that had cattle and has run out of playoffs.

Denver won 99-85 just over 5 minutes from the end. He still beat 105-98 with 50 seconds left to play. But a hurricane named Russell Westbrook has taken the Colorado team ahead. The base has put the last 13 points of his team, including a brutal quarter from his home to win the match over the horn. Triumph of Thunder 105-106 that eliminates to Denver and classifies to Portland.

In those last 5 minutes, Westbrook also made history. History of the great. Of which remains in memory forever.

Beating Robertson
With an assist given at 4:17 of the end of the match, Russ made a new triple-double, but it was not a triple-double either, it was his triple-double 42nd of the season, triple-double with which he beat the record Historical of Oscar Robertson, who had been 55 years in the books of the NBA because it dated of the season 1961-1962.

OKC Thunder’s stellar base ended the game with 50 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists, scoring more than 50% of their shots, scoring 5 3-pointers, making 11 of 11 for free and losing only 2 balls. This is going to history in a big way.

Westbrook had already become the second player in history to average a triple-double in the season. Only Robertson preceded him.

The Nuggets, sunk
The Westbrook display has sunk the Nuggets, who have come down in the finale to say goodbye to the season.

The home team has gone from 38 points in the third quarter to only 14 in the last and lose. Danilo Gallinari’s 34 points and 10 rebounds (22 points in the third quarter!), Nikola Jokic’s 23 points and Wilson Chandler’s 17 rebounds,

The Spaniard Juancho Hernangómez played 13 minutes to make 3 points and 2 rebounds.


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