Golden State Warriors has regained the NBA title. The Californian team has beaten Cavaliers 129-120 in Game 5 to reach 4-1 and their 2nd championship in the last 3 years. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have led the champions, not forgetting Andre Iguodala.

Durant, chosen MVP of the Finals, finished the game with 39 points, Curry has 34 with 10 assists, Iggy contributed 20 from the second unit and Draymond Green completed a double-double.

Cleveland’s titanic effort, which remained in the game despite fitting a 28-4 run in the second quarter. LeBron James was fantastic with 41 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists, Kyrie Irving added 26 and J.R. Smith, 25 after placing 7 triples out of 8 attempts. Good match of an intense Tristan Thompson.

Warriors 129 Cavaliers 120 (4-1)
The Cavaliers fought titanically, to the point of exhaustion, with intensity and hardness, despite the physical problems of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

They even survived what no other team could have survived: to fit a 28-4 run in front of the all-powerful Warriors! Faced with such a contingency, the Cavs grabbed the runway and held the tug, but finally fell apart. Because his challenge was an impossible challenge. Because these new Warriors with Durant are an inaccessible team that has won the Finals 4-1 and leaves the playoffs with a 16-1 mark.

A basket of LeBron just starting the fourth quarter put his only 3 points (98-95). From there the marker moved between that difference, which was never lower, and the 10 points, until the locals left with a 122-108 to 4 minutes of final. From there everything was a local party.

Durant’s mother, Wanda Pratt, was thrilled, the yellow jersey of the Oracle Arena was passionately living the final stretch of the game, the title was already being touched and a triple from Curry finally closed it. The match was in the final minute and dominated the premises 129-115. You could not escape.

It came to the final with 129-120 and the ball held by the king of these Finals, Kevin Durant. From there the hugs (the first one that gave LeBron to Durant), the celebrations, the ecstasy.

With Durant’s mother embracing her son, Stephen Curry, who walked with her 2 daughters, Steve Kerr and everyone around her. With the owner of the franchise, Joe Lacob, swollen with pride but no stridencies. With Kerr excited after overcoming his ordeal with his back and congratulating himself with his alter ego in these playoffs, Mike Brown.

Meanwhile, LeBron and his men were on their way to the locker room. This was no longer his place.

But they fought, they fought hard for it to be. The 33-37 of the first quarter so testifies. The Cavs winning at the Oracle Arena to the Warriors playing to the Californians! A first strange room, with Durant, Love and Klay Thompson soon committing their first 2 fouls (Love made them in 3 minutes) and with Curry, LeBron and Irving marking the shock offensive pulse. Warriors finished the fourth with only 3 assists and 6 losses! Great defensive pressure work from Cleveland.

The second quarter was able to kill the party in advance. A dunk of James had put the 33-41 in favor of Cavaliers. Well, from there the madness. Warriors basketball bouncer with exceptional defense, with triple, with rhythm, with movement of ball, with basketball in the wild state, exerting Golden State like way of mortal ray. Partially 28-4 to put the score in 61-45!

In the middle of the local festival, triple technique for David West, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith in a play in which the first two stayed ‘face to face’ like two roosters. The Warriors untied and the Cavs trying to get hold of the game, something they achieved thanks to the success of J.R. Smith from the triple. A final shot of J.R. Put the 71-60 to rest. Cleveland was alive.

By then, Durant, Curry and LeBron were in their twenties, Love had not scored and players like Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson were already beginning to dawn.

The third act tightened the score. LeBron fought hard and took his team to 4 points (90-86), Iggy shone at Golden State, Green made heroicness by holding Klay Thompson as he fell face down on the ground and the Cavs survived the pain Bodies of Irving and Love, but always limping, always playing 100% not to arrive, always towing.

Until the last quarter came and everything was cleared following the strictest logic. The Warriors, with a superior substitution to that of the Cavs, won the match and the championship. It was his fifth NBA title, the second in 3 years. It could not be otherwise. They were meant for it.

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