Awesome party that has opened the Western Finals. San Antonio Spurs swept the Warriors in the first half and sank into the second in the wake of Kawhi Leonard’s injury. Golden State beat 113-111 after losing 25 points.

Stephen Curry led the comeback in the third quarter to finish with 40 points and Kevin Durant relieved him in the fourth quarter to finish with 34. They were the local heroes.

In San Antonio, 28 points of LaMarcus Aldridge and 26 in only 24 minutes of Kawhi Leonard before being injured. Excellent Manu Ginóbili and paupérrimo party of Pau Gasol harassed by the faults.

Warriors 113 Spurs 111 (1-0)

They started the West Finals in all rags in an exciting and strange match as few. The Spurs dominated him in a big way until Kawhi Leonard was injured, whose left ankle could not withstand such an extreme effort, and after running out of Leonard, and beset by the faults of his tall men, San Antonio sank irrevocably according to Stephen Curry And Kevin Durant were getting offensive heat.

The Texans went on to win by 25 points in the second quarter (19-44) from a memorable defense. The score was always his until the final stretch of the match. In fact, when Warriors got 101-100 to 4 minutes from the end almost nobody remembered their last advantage in the bright, which was dating to 8-7.

With 111-106 all seemed already decided, seen the state of the visiting team, but still had boldness San Antonio to tighten the locals by getting 111-110 with matte included an incombustible Ginobili. A basket by Stephen Curry put the 113-110 to 9.5 seconds from the end and attacked Spurs without timeouts to put the ball in the corner to Aldridge, who sought the triple to force the overtime, but failed. That was the game.

But really, the encounter was much earlier in Leonard’s injury when the third quarter was played. The left ankle of the eaves had already given a warning a few minutes before, but it was in a play with Zaza Pachulia when the foot of the star of Spurs said enough and sent him to changing rooms. They were 7:53 remaining by the end of the third quarter and their team won by 23 points: 55-78. Gregg Popovich’s had everything under control.

From there, ruin. Partially 18-0 in less than 4 minutes! The Spurs sank without Kawhi. From 55-78 to 73-78 in a blink of an eye with Stephen Curry on, a Curry who scored 19 points in the third quarter. Above, the Texan team finished fourth with Aldridge and Pau Gasol with 4 fouls each. Zaza Pachulia was doing some damage and only Kyle Anderson’s final shot allowed Spurs to leave the score 81-90 at the end of the third.

The last quarter began and Pau Gasol, horrible since his second foul after a good start, committed the fifth staff. By that time, the team that defended big was no longer Spurs, who had received 39 points in the third quarter, but Warriors, whose intensity scared. Mike Brown’s smelled of blood and they were not willing to let go of their prey. And Durant took the reins of the party until putting his team ahead with that 101-100.

The match ended 113-111. From the first perfect part of San Antonio (42-62) to the local comeback after the break (71-49). Golden State reached the break with a 35% on the field goal, 2 points scored, 8 assists and 10 losses. And with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green missing in combat. But he knew how to remake himself.

The victory came from 40 points (26 after the break), 7 triples and 3 steals from Curry and 34 goals (20 in the second half) and 4 Durant caps, both above 50% in the shot Of field. Pachulia helped and Draymond Green improved remarkably as the minutes went by. On the negative side, Klay Thompson with 6 points and 2 of 11 in the shot. Andre Iguodala only played 10 minutes because of an ankle problem. He was not on track in the whole second half.

In Spurs, 28 points and 8 rebounds for Aldridge and brutal Leonard while he was healthy: 26 points and 8 rebounds in 24 minutes. Excellent Manu Ginobili with 17 points in 26 minutes and 7 of 10 in the shot. On the negative side, Pau Gasol with 5 points after committing 5 fouls in 16 minutes and Patty Mills with 1 of 8 in the shot.

In the end, big stick for San Antonio, who let out a game won and could run out of Leonard for all the Western Finals. The Warriors, quite the opposite. Incredible victory to remain undefeated in the playoffs with a 9-0.

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