Spectacular duel on the track between James Harden and Russell Westbrook in the second game of the Rockets-Thunder series, a game very different to the first for its development and scoreboard, but that ended with a new victory of the Texans.

Triumph by 115-111 to get 2-0. The Rockets have not failed at home and set a tie that OKC Thunder will have to make change in their feud. Harden finished with 35 points and Westbrook added a triple-double with 51 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists. No one had scored a triple-double with so many points in playoff history. Bigger but not enough words.

Rockets 115 Thunder 111 (2-0)
For bigger words the game of Houston Rockets, a versatile game that is able to accommodate more circumstances than it seems and a game that is involving enough players and that is articulating their victories from the defense.

If the first game ended with a crash 118-87, this second was much more tight (115-111), but with Houston changing the chip after the break. The first half finished 62-68 (Thunder’s big first quarter) and in the second, Mike D’Antoni’s tightened defense for a partial 53-43 winner. No less than 25 points down Thunder scored in the second half!

What was clear is that in these playoffs Houston is much more than Harden, while Oklahoma City is just Westbrook. For now.

Crucial participation in the game of local Eric Gordon and Louis Williams, two surplus superlux. Because tonight the inner men of the Rockets did not function to the great level of the first match, but their outer men left and decided.

The game was 104-104 when a 10-0 run broke it by putting the 114-104 in the back light at 1:22 of the final. Harden, Patrick Beverley and Gordon were all set to play.

Gordon had 22 points and Williams made 21 in 21 minutes. Meanwhile, Harden finished with 35 points, 8 assists and 18 of 20 in free, although this time lost 7 balls. And Beverley added 15, being unable to stop this time to Westbrook. All outside force last night these Rockets. Of course, it was not the day offensive neither of Trevor Ariza (4 points and 4 rebounds) nor Ryan Anderson (0 of 7 in triples).

Westbrook finished with that historic triple-double, but was only accompanied in the game Andre Roberson and Doug McDermott, playing few minutes. Victor Oladipo was once again a shadow of himself, the tall players barely played minutes (Enes Kanter was 7 minutes on track!) And Álex Abrines (did not score in 4 minutes of action) and Domantas Sabonis (2 minutes) hardly counted in The rotation of Billy Donovan.


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