The Knicks are looking for base. The idea is to have an experienced owner who can act as mentor to the young Frank Ntilikina. The franchise sees the young French base as their future player. But not yet in the present. He was selected in 8th place in the draft.

One option could be the continuity of Derrick Rose. But many in the franchise do not see it clearly. Another would be in the acquisition of Shelvin Mack. It is a base that makes equipment in the locker room. But he is not seen with enough power to be the starting point for Knicks. The third possibility is called Rajon Rondo.

Ian Begley says on ESPN that Rondo is “a powerful choice”. He has the qualification to hold the position. Has experience. Although it is true that his character has played very bad times.

Other options sought were those of George Hill and Darren Collison. But both have already found equipment.

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