Rudy Gay has decided to risk. Under normal conditions, the eaves would have hit the market in July without hesitation. Neither was comfortable in Kings nor charging $ 14.3 million next season was commensurate with its quality. But he suffers a serious injury. There is the risk.

It’s already official. Gay does not enforce the player’s choice over his last year of contract with the Sacramento Kings, a 2017-2018 season option for a $ 14.3 million salary. This means that the player will be an unrestricted free agent next season and will be able to choose a destination.

Gay suffered a major injury in January from which he is still recovering, although it seems to progress adequately. The left Achilles tendon was ruptured. Big words. Your physical condition could severely limit the economic amount of a long-term contract. We will see.

If it were for its quality, it would be re-equipment. A healthy Rudy Gay would have many suitors and a very high value in the market. Now, interested teams will have to measure Gay’s fitness after breaking the Achilles tendon.

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