Cleveland Cavaliers have won the first game of their series. It has done so by the hair, suffering until limits unsuspected before a team much inferior a priori. Indiana Pacers has proved to be fit and has put the champions on the ropes.

The Cavs have won 109-108 with 32 LeBron James points. The best of Indiana has been Paul George with 29. The Nate McMillan have had shot to win, but the final release of C.J. Miles has not entered.

Cavaliers 109 Pacers 108 (1-0)
Cleveland does not raise his head. After a nefarious regular season finale, Tyronn Lue’s team has suffered to the extreme to win the Indiana Pacers. The locals have never been able to really go on the scoreboard. They reached the break gaining 66-59, but then the game became more defensive and the locals got stuck in the fourth final to have a very bad time.

Visitors came up to 109-108 with a Paul George triple. Then he missed a triple LeBron James to put the game in the hands of Pacers, but the final shot of Miles did not succeed.

LeBron James led the win with 32 points, 13 assists and 60% on the field goal. The best local with a difference just when he played 200 playoff games.

In addition, 23 points of Kyrie Irving throwing 27 times to basket and failing almost all its triples and 17 points of Kevin Love without rebound power and facing little the hoop. In fact, he put the first 7 points of his team to then disappear.

Beyond that trio, Channing Frye ran on time and Tristan Thompson worked well on the rebound. Little more on the team. J.R. Smith went gray, Kyle Korver barely had an attack and Deron Williams only had 10 minutes. The team had 54% on the field goal, but missed too many free throws.

In Indiana, 29 points and 7 assists Paul George, with 6 of 8 in triples, and very good minutes of Lance Stephenson: 16 points and 7 rebounds since substitution. Jeff Teague scored 15 and Myles Turner started well, but he lost bellows.

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