The relationship between Milwaukee Bucks and John Henson seems to be on the last. Both team and player want to close a trapaso. The franchise works on it. He already contemplates possible scenarios to get rid of the pivot.

Henson came to the NBA after playing in the prestigious North Carolina and entering the Top 15 of the draft. It was in 2012. Since then he has always played in Milwaukee. A total of 5 years.

In that lustrum faced 315 meetings. He averaged 7.7 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.5 caps. His best season was the second.

Now, at age 26, the relationship seems exhausted. Henson has 3 years left. They still have to collect about 32 million dollars. And Milwaukee wants to free wages. That’s why Henson is in the spotlight. No doubt.

It advances this mutual interest by separating Chris Haynes.

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