Little has been said about the situation of Sergio Rodriguez regarding the NBA. As free agent has not transcended any interest of equipment. It was pointed out that the player could end up in CSKA Moscow. And return to Europe. But his desire is none other than to continue in the United States.

Today we have heard a rumor about the Canarian base. ensures that it is close to renewing with the Sixers. It is written by Nikos Varla. He says that the negotiation would be around 12 million dollars for 3 years.

It would mean a drastic reduction in the salary he received last year. It was 8 million for a campaign. But in exchange he would get a contract of longer duration. In addition, this time he would not have to pay money to Real Madrid by the termination of his contract.

If I were to continue in Sixers, I would not have it easy. The arrival of Markelle Fultz and the more than possible recovery of Ben Simmons would close many doors. And we will have to see the state of Jarryd Bayless. This is more to Brett Brown’s taste than Rodriguez. But last year he lived a calvary for injuries.

Chacho returned to the NBA last year. He averaged 7.8 points and 5.1 assists in 22.3 minutes. He played 68 games. He made 30 as a starter. But again he had defensive problems. So much that he lost ownership with T.J. McConnell.

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