Miami Heat has issued an official statement signed by Pat Riley. The president of the club announces in him the dismissal of Chris Bosh. As expected. And in the text already advances that the franchise will remove the shirt of the 11 times All-Star.

It was already known that Miami would cut the player. Since the NBA issued an unfavorable medical report to Bosh.

The power forward had not played since February 2016. A double blood problem caused him to finish precipitously two seasons in a row. And the medical report was right in Miami. Because the club refused to play again in their ranks. He considered the health of Bosh to be at risk.

Riley’s text can not be more complimentary. Not to be over full of love.

“Chris changed his life and his sports career when he came to Miami and he transformed our lives for the better in a way that we would never have imagined,” says Riley. To state emphatically: “He is without a doubt one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise.”

Therefore, the club has announced that “number 1 will not be taken by any other player”. The Bosh shirt will be removed and will end up hanging from the pavilion.

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