Here is what you need to know before the Lakers aim to beat Phoenix for the third time this season.

1) Ingram regained his aggressiveness in a career night
Though the Lakers beat the Suns in the beginning of the week, Brandon Ingram wasn’t much of a factor, shooting just 2-of- from the field. While it was one of the quietest nights of the sophomore’s season, he bounced back in a huge way.

Ingram was much more assertive in Wednesday’s loss to Philadelphia, racking up 26 points and 11 rebounds for career-highs in both categories.

As with most of his top scoring nights, Ingram opened up his game by using his length to drive to the hoop. Once established, he started drilling mid-range jumpers — a development that could pay dividends if made consistent.

Ingram already has one big game against the Suns this season — a 25-point performance in Phoenix — and their bottom-three defense gives him a nice opportunity of repeating.

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