The Warriors have run out of Kevin Durant just starting their game against the Wizards. The eyewitness visit to his hometown has been seen and not seen, as he has injured his left knee at 57 seconds of play and has left the track with 1 minute and 34 seconds played.

The injury came in the fight for a rebound between the local Marcin Gortat and the visitor Zaza Pachulia. The first pushed the second and it fell on the knee of Kevin Durant, who was pained immediately, but continued to play.

From the incident to the withdrawal of Durant there were 2 more possessions in which the eave was. It was until his coach, Steve Kerr, called for a time-out and Durant was replaced by retiring to the locker room ostensibly limping.

It was the star of the capital of the Verizon Center. His only two notable actions were with a cap of Marcin Gortat under the ring and a loss of ball.

The Warriors player is now pending an MRI to establish the actual extent of the injury. For now, all that has been said is that he has suffered a hyper extension in his left knee and will not play more during the game.

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