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Wednesday 30th September 2009, 1:48pm
Great stuff! You keep it interesting! Check out my blog when you have a minute! It's called "Everyday NBA"....

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LINKBAWL: 3/10/08 posted on 03/10/2008

  • TwolvesBlog running the Blogger MVP/ROY Round 8 Rankings. Such a fabulous idea this has been!
  • Awful Announcing watching NBA strip shows?
  • The Sports Hernia reporting on the Shaq murdering the crowd debacle.
  • Give Me the Rock and day 132 of 170: Cindy McCain, the Cougar.
  • Mark Cuban kicks bloggers out of the Mavericks locker room. Should he be banning himself?
  • RaptorsHQ roundtabling!
  • The Sixers not getting enough love?
  • A Spencer Hawes dunk followed by a cat's standing ovation? Thanks Sactown.
  • SPORTSbyBROOKS furthering the thought that Steve Nash will be OK if he doesn't win championship. Somehow I'm not buying it Steve!

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Top 25 NBA Basketball Blogs: March 2008 posted on 03/11/2008

The rankings are finally complete! We have been looking at a solid way to do this for quite some time now and think we've found a formula that should stick. Of course tweaking is always a part of any ranking system, but we are satisfied with our first edition.

Le Basketbawl's Top 25 NBA Blog Rankings will be released on a monthly basis with updates accordingly. The ranking system was based on 4 factors: the blog's BallHype ranking turned into a score from 1-10 (10 being the highest), the blog's Technorati ranking turned into a score from 1-10 (10 being the highest), the blog's Google PageRank, and the blog's Alexa ranking turned into a score from 1-10 (10 being the highest). If two blogs have equal scores, a tie-breaker was decided based on their Technorati E-Money Value (This table will be posted shortly).

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Interview: Brendan Kirsch, Coach of Slamball's MOB posted on 03/10/2008

A few days ago we wrote a brief article on the return of Slamball! As you may well remember, Slamball is the high flying, trampoline dominating, basketball/football mix of a sport that you couldn’t help but watch a few years ago on Spike TV. After a 5 year lay off from television and a trip overseas to grow the sport, it returns and is backed by mega-company IMG and led by new commissioner Pat Croce. The league expects big things this time around including a new TV deal in hopes of becoming the “Arena football of the NBA.”

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O.P.O.T.D: Not MJ posted on 03/10/2008

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The New Look, New Outlook and Many Thanks! posted on 03/09/2008

Well it has been almost 3 months for Le Basketbawl and we decided it was time to create a new look that could set us apart while giving us a fresh new look.

We will have plenty of new features on the way and a new outlook for the rest of the year. In February alone we saw almost 73,000 page views and hope to at least equal that number in the month of March! (Good luck to us.)

We would love to hear feedback on the new look plus any requests on anything we have done in the past that you would like to see continued or stopped. Being so new to this blogging game, we will always welcome the criticism, and of course the compliments too.

Make sure to subscribe to our feed and definitely feel free to email us at any time.

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