Huge stick for Jonathan Jeanne, French pivot who aspired to enter the next draft and that more than one placed as a favorite to be in the first round. The player has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a disease that could end his career.

The threat is there. Jeanne suffers from the disease, a genetic alteration of chromosome 15 that affects the proteins that make the connective tissue possible.

The 19-year-old basketball player underwent an MRI in Chicago when he had already tested with some teams. After that, he was given medical tests, including genetic tests, at the Cleveland Clinic. Hence it could be revealed the genetic disorder of the player, who parked his presence in the draft.

The situation has been revealed by the player’s agent, Bouna Ndiaye, to The Vertical.

Jeanne, center of 2.18, wanted to make the leap from the French league to the NBA and some of the best specialists in the draft put him in the top 25 on the list. Draft Express, for example, placed him in 22nd position and ESPN’s Chad Ford in the 23rd.

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