Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat were playing to enter the last 2 places that gave right to play the playoffs in the East. And there were no surprises. All 3 teams won their matches. They all fought at home. Heat remains out despite his more than meritorious season.

Pacers (42-40) finished 7th after winning 104-86 to Hawks. Bulls (41-41) finished 8th after dominating the Nets by a convincing 112-73. And Miami kept the honey on his lips. Tied with Chicago with 41-41 mark. He defeated Wizards 110-102. The 3 encounters had something common … all their rivals played without their stars. In that frame, surprise seemed complicated.

Indiana won Atlanta with all its stars giving it all. Paul George had 32 points, 11 rebounds and 5 triples. He scored 12 goals in the final quarter. Jeff Teague went to 19 goals and 7 passes. And Myles Turner dominated boards. With 18 points, 8 rebounds and 6 caps. Good contribution of newly signed Lance Stephenson.

Hawks played without all his crucial men. Including Paul Millsap, Dwight Howard, Dennis Schröder and Tim Hardaway Jr. Ersan Ilyasova was his best scorer. And José Manuel Calderón played as a starter. He had 30 minutes the Extremadura. To make 12 points and 5 assists. With good shooting percentages.

Chicago sweeps the Nets
It was sung. The opponent was very weak. And he reserved all his best men. The result: a beating. At rest, 50-32. The lace, 37-17 of the final act. For an advantage of 39 points (112-73). Brooklyn, a band.

Jimmy Butler scored 25 points. The German Paul Zipser starred in his best NBA score. 21. Rajon Rondo was in the game. And Nikola Mirotic scored 9 points and 9 rebounds. Archie Goodwin was the highest visitor scorer with 20 points.

Miami stays at the gates
Miami put all the meat on the grill. But he was executed from the beginning. Although Wizards played without John Wall, Bradley Beal and Markieff Morris. His executioners were far from Florida.

Victory by 110-102 with 28 points by Goran Dragic. With 24 plus 18 rebounds for Hassan Whiteside. With James Johnson approaching triple-double. The team was doing a 30-11 in the second part of the season. Because the first one made an 11-30.

Trey Burke was the best visitor with 27 goals. Brandon Jennings and Tomas Satoransky did not take advantage of their titles.


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