To be chosen or not to be part of the 3 best quintets of the NBA is not only a matter of prestige. So is money. And if not told to James Harden, John Wall, Paul George and Gordon Hayward. All are pending long-term contracts.

Harden (Rockets) was chosen in the First Team. Wall (Wizards) entered the third. Those choices imply that they will be able to sign maximum contracts with their current teams. The key is in the new agreement. With the appearance of the Designated Player Exception.

The Houston player could reach 160 million dollars for 4 years. And the Wizards, 200 million by 5.

Harden and Wall join Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook. These can also aspire to the maximum.

Not the same with George and Hayward after being out of the quintets. Both got votes. But insufficient.

Pacers forward and Jazz could have aspired to sign spectacular contracts. Of 200 million dollars for 5 years. Now, that figure is already unattainable for both.

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