The hard fall of Georgios Papagiannis left him lying on the floor of the Cox Pavilion with obvious gestures of pain and forced him to leave the track leaning on his companions and leave the pavilion sitting in a wheelchair.

It happened in Las Vegas Summer League, in the third quarter of the game that faced Suns and Kings yesterday and that ended with victory of the seconds by 87-93.

The player heleno gave a tremendous blow in the left part of the hip and the thing does not look good. He had 6 points in 16 minutes when the mishap occurred.

The 20-year-old giant comes from playing his first season in the NBA, campaigning with the Kings averaging 5.6 points and 3.9 rebounds in 22 games. Before, he had been selected 13th in the 2016 draft.

Sacramento had already lost by injury in the previous game to the base De’Aaron Fox, its new young star, although everything indicates that it is a minor problem.

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