It was also Monday, a year less one day: June 13, 2016. The Warriors had won their fourth game in Cleveland and looked set to close their second consecutive title, which was to add to 73-9 in Regular Season for Complete the best season of a team in all history. But then, in that move from Ohio to the seemingly happy Bay, began the collapse that anticipated the greatest comeback in the entire history of the Finals: Draymond Green knew nothing else to land in California than his kick in the crotch LeBron James would let him out Of a fifth party that Kyrie Irving and the own LeBron governed at his whim: 97-112. This evening, one year less a day later, Warriors and Cavaliers will play in the Oracle with 3-1 for the locals, which bookmakers give the win by a margin of 8.5 points. Of course, they are very favorite if you leave aside the kabbalistic and relativize the fourth game, a conjunction of the best of a team and the worst of another very difficult to repeat. Or not?

That is the problem of the Warriors: on the one hand they have to forget 2016, whose shadow has extended on the Bay to the first setback, so great is the trauma that lasts (maybe, until tonight). And they have to handle a 3-1 which is a huge but unstable advantage: it is this match or the 3-2 will put them in a maelstrom of nerves that can facilitate the unthinkable: the 3-1 of a year ago had not Never come back in a Finals. The 3-0 of five days ago has never invested in any playoff round. In the previous twelve times in the fight for the ring, eight finished in 4-0 and only one in 4-3: the Knicks of 1951 forced the seventh, and lost against Rochester Royals.

Just one more win

But on the other hand, and this is the problem for those who have to go out and play, the Warriors have to make a good game. A great game, just one more. And recover an inertia that have been losing in favor of some Cavaliers who have been progressively better as the Final has progressed: the first quarter of the first match, the first full time of the second, three quarters in the third … and the last of principle end. They leave The Q, where they have entered a physical level that perhaps is not consented to them in the Oracle, and they know that this year yes will be Draymond Green and that Kevin Durant is not Harrison Barnes. But they have nothing to do and will handle, as long as the Warriors allow it, the scary factor: a year less a day … That is, LeBron has almost taken with humor the suggestion that his team is right where he wanted: “No, They have us right where they wanted … “. A 3-1, by 2016 that is put to the previous hours, should be enough advantage. And more for these Warriors. But…

But the Warriors have to come back to defend a Cavaliers who, as they pass the games, improve their numbers in passes for possession, secondary assists (passes that lead to assistance) and a shot of three, of course. Not only converts: they win 75% of the games in which they try at least 40 and in the Finals they threw 60 in the first two games and 89 in the two played in The Q. The defensive rating of the Warriors per game does not leave room To doubt: 89.2, 105.3, 109.7 and 136.1, this last long its worse figure of the playoffs. Kyrie Irving has found a way to get rid of Klay Thompson (last year he has not turned back, we will see now), LeBron is giving another lesson of adaptation and accelerated reading as he advances a tie (31 +, 8 + 11.8 + 10 , 5 per game) and Kevin Love is, more quietly than when he was a coladero, playing at a remarkable competitive level. So the Cavs are not where they want but they do know they have a shot. And they will try not to let the Warriors take advantage of them to regain sensations to sprinkle the Oracle with the scent of 2016. “We have to go back to Ohio anyway on Tuesday, so let’s try to do it with one more basketball game to play,” Said LeBron.

The Warriors would celebrate their first title (the fifth of the franchise) in the Bay since the move in 1962. In 1975 they closed it in Washington and two years ago in Cleveland. While Kevin Durant is considered a certainty, Kerr talks about equaling the physical challenge of the Cavs, the team’s environment has the nerves to blossom with the arbitration of the last two games (attention to the environment, it promises) and The focus is on Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. The base had only four baskets (lowest in the playoffs) and remained in 14 points (his lowest score since February 15) in a game in which he was deconcentrated and unplugged from the beginning. The Cavaliers base their defense on preventing him (at the limit or beyond in their attempts to overcome blockages) to receive once again when he releases the ball, and the Warriors’ style does not tend to let him play one on one as does the The Cavs Vs with Kyrie. Green, meanwhile, has been in foul trouble for almost every Finals and the state of nerves in which he has been involved in Cleveland matches has prevented him from leading the defense as usual. In addition, he is in 25% in triples after his 55% of the first round before the Blazers.

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