The clouds opened in the vicinity of the ring. Without Rudy Gobert on track everything was easier for the Clippers. The Angels dominated the painting before Utah Jazz, a domain that gave them the victory and that allowed the locals to equal the eliminatory one.

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan were the owners of the boards, and Chris Paul wisely led the game. They formed the stellar trio. The usual trio winner always.

Clippers 99 Jazz 91 (1-1)
The locals started the match with an unusual intensity that led them to dominate the score by 12 points and to finish the first quarter winning 29-18, but that quarter of immense sufficiency before the rival could not have a solid continuity in the rest of the party because Utah did not give up.

That’s why the party was alive. Because those in Salt Lake City knew how to play at a certain level without Rudy Gobert. Of course, what they could not do is stop the internal bleeding without the French, a sangria that resulted in the 60 points scored near the hoop by the locals by 38 of the visitors.

Blake Griffin led the Clippers score with 24 points and DeAndre Jordan finished with 18 points and 15 rebounds. In addition, 21 points, 10 assists and 3 robberies of Chris Paul, who scored 60% on the field goal.

All this compensated the nonexistence in attack of J.J. Redick or the bad night on Jamal Crawford’s shot.

Utah’s top scorer was Gordon Hayward with 20 points in a team that had 4 other players in double-digit scoring in a set that played in choral and Derrick Favors held the position of holder who left vacant by injury The longed-for Gobert.

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