Chicago Bulls have almost assured their passage into the playoffs. Despite his poor season. Fred Hoiberg had two apparently easy commitments to Orlando and Brooklyn. Winning both secured their presence in the playoffs. They have already surpassed one.

And in what way! A wonderful image of Magic at the United Center. Victorious Chicago binge. His biggest win of the season: 47 points difference! Triumph by 122-75. There was no match. First quarter: 34-13. Rest: 64-37. Without opposition.

Robin Lopez led the win with 18 points and 8 rebounds. Also base Jerian Grant (17 points and 11 assists). In addition, Jimmy Butler scored 17. Nikola Mirotic added 16 in 27 minutes. All the starters were in double digesting counters. And the team scored 54% of their shots on their military ride.

Unfortunate the Magic. They barely scored 35% of their shots. They offered a 5 out of 27 from the triple. And almost no player stood out. If perhaps highlight the 14 points and 10 rebounds of Nikola Vucevic. To say something of a team that offered a painful image.


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