John Wall endorsed all his talent in the first playoff game. The base led the Wizards to a hard-fought win. The Atlanta Falcons resisted. Wall broke his records in points playoffs and assists. It was unstoppable. And he was very well accompanied.

Atlanta went on the break winning 45-48. With Dennis Schröder and Paul Millsap doing well. With Kent Bazemore and, above all, Ersan Ilyasova contributing from the second unit. In a bad match. Both teams reached the intermediate with a 33.3% in the field shot.

Wizards 114 Hawks 107 (1-0)
Wall made a remarkable first part. And a second one. Especially bright in attack was his third quarter. When he scored 15 of his 32 points. The victory was not easy. But the base made it easier. With 32 points and 14 assists. Partidazo.

Another who was in the postseason mood was Markieff Morris. It was his playoff debut. But he had his career. And he was motivated. Finished with 21 points and 4 caps.

Also helped to the local triumph the offensive recovery of Bradley Beal after a loose first half. He made 22 points in the end. Marcin Gortat added 14 with 10 rebounds. And all the initial five was in double figures.

The best of Atlanta was Schröder. He finished with 25 points and 9 assists. Millsap made 19 without bringing in boards too. And Dwight Howard did not contribute in attack -7 points. But he made 14 rebounds. That chapter was a visitor. But it did not do them any good.

It worked well Taurean Prince. Disappointed Tim Hardaway Jr. And Jose Manuel Calderon played 8 minutes. For 2 points and 1 attendance.

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